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When running a business, the management has to take a lot of things into consideration. Besides managing various elements of the business, the CIOs and CEOs are concerned about keeping their network and server away from security threats. From hiring an IT consulting company to deploying every possible measure to keep the cyber attacker away, businesses take responsible steps to maintain security.

But the techniques they employ to keep malicious cybercriminals away from their business mostly depend upon their understanding of the cybersecurity and technology. Some might consider outsourcing the task to an external IT consultant while other might deploy an in-house team to counter cyber attacks. Nonetheless, there are some widely believed misconceptions regarding cybersecurity that makes the business more prone to harm.

And here are some of them:

Myth #1: Hackers are smart
Films and serials featuring hackers often portray them as geniuses IT guys who can hack even the most secure server within a minute. This is far from being true. In real life, hackers are not smart IT geniuses. They simply have more IT knowledge than those businesses that are under their radar.

Myth #2: Hacker can’t be defeated
Since hackers and cybercriminals are considered to be smarter, most think that they are hard to beat. But they are not geniuses; they are simply opportunists who take benefit of the loopholes of a business’s defense strategy.

Given the increasing reports of cyber breaches, CIOs and CEOs have made it mandatory for IT to put a defense strategy in place which can help them detect any breach or infiltration efforts.

Myth #3: If We’re Complaint We’re Secure
No doubt it is essential to be compliant with the best practices set by the industry, but when it comes to business’s security, it is not enough.

As per a study, it has been found that most complaints have outdated process and requirements to set passwords which can make the server more vulnerable than before. 

Myth #4: The Current Level of Employee Training Received Is Enough
Organizations across the U.S. are facing the biggest cyber security threat as social engineering. Top professionals have accepted social engineering to be the most significant trouble that comes in the way of keeping their company away from cyber threats. Furthermore, they have adequate time and resources to educate and train employees on the subject.

Myth #5: All Our Patches Are Up-to-Date
Technology has made us increasingly dependent on it. No business can operate efficiently for long if its servers and networks are not upgraded. Businesses may update their entire workstation but what about firewalls and servers? IoT devices are increasingly becoming an essential component of businesses. More devices connected to the internet means more open portals for a virus to enter. Thus it is crucial to patch all the loopholes. 

Myth #6: The IT Department Has Everything Under Control
Businesses hire IT professionals who are proficient enough to keep their organization’s IT environment secure from harm. When you hire an internal team, it is essential to determine how they perceive the security of your business? Are they reliable enough to trust?

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